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THE VINTAGE 2017 in the Bourgogne wine region

In 2017, Bourgogne enjoyed a return to average yields, in particular in terms of red wines, which were also very high in quality. The markets caught on very quickly and
were soon clamoring for this typically elegant Bourgogne vintage.

The vines’ growth cycle benefited from a very warm summer, and with budburst in early April, it was ahead of norms and maintained this lead right up to the harvest.
Everything happened very quickly. There were a few spells of heatwave over the summer, alternating with some rather mixed weather. Ripening nonetheless progressed at a good pace.

At the end of August, the first grapes were harvested, two weeks ahead of the average. The harvest continued to mid-September, each plot being picked when it reached optimum ripeness. The only downside was that some areas that were impacted by spring frost did not provide the yields that had been hoped for, mostly for the white wines.

A year later, tastings have confirmed first impressions: There are some fine wines out there from the 2017 vintage!