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Rebecca LEUNG tasting notes during Bourgogne Week Hong Kong 2019

Find out what lesser-known appellations caught Rebecca LEUNG’s attention during Bourgogne Week Hong Kong.

  • Santenay, Clos de Malte , 2014, Louis Jadot

Lively raspberry & cranberry characters, very well-defined, structural yet friendly. Love that silky texture.

  • Montagny, Le Clou, 2016, Domaine du Clos Salomon

A fine jewel I tasted yesterday at the “One Day for Bourgogne Wines”: Montagny, Le Clou, 2016, Domaine du Clos Salomon. This appellation is devoted to Chardonnay white wines exclusively. This bright & youthful wine shows a discreet blend of lemon sorbet, herbs, chopped pears, pomelo squash, yellow peach, grapefruit, crushed rocks, flinty fragrance and acidity in an affectionate balance. Long finish. Montagny is great to drink as aperitif, ideal for pairing with fresh catch from the sea, like steamed razor clams!

天還在回味昨午在布爾崗品酒會遇上的這瓶好味白酒:Montagny, Le Clou, 2016, Domaine du Clos Salomon。Montagny區只生產霞多麗白酒,雖然名氣不及其他大區,這裏卻可找到超值而風格秀麗纖長的乾白酒,例如這一瓶!此酒味道豐富,元素複雜細緻,渾身檸檬雪葩、香草、切片水晶梨、鮮榨沙田柚汁、黃桃、西柚等果香,還有一點點郊外碎石和燧石氣息,酸度明亮而平衡,清新可口,餘韻很長,要留意留意。Montagny很適合餐前飲用,配搭海鮮更好,好像蒸蟶子…口水長流中!

  • Petit Chablis, Pas si Petit, 2017, La Chablisienne

The wine has a bright lively lemon-green colour, focused minerality, lime, gun-flint, and a touch of green mango, sour orange, mandarin orange zest, backed with beautiful appley crisp freshness. There’s a pleasant soft appeal on the mid palate. Long, clean finish with traces of white flowers & sea salt. That tinge of saline matched so well with the yummy crab cone.

Petit Chablis, Pas si Petit, 2017, La Chablisienne – 酒色呈青黃色,香氣味道盡是礦物、青檸、彈藥,也有一絲絲青芒、酸橙、柑橘皮,配合活力充沛的鮮明酸度,開胃抒懷!酸中帶柔,中段口感豐富。收結悠長俐落,回味有白花和海鹽,正好把蟹肉味道帶出,好正呢!