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Chablis wines – Find out more about the last vintages

The 2018 vintage: A come-back vintage

Louis Moreau, President of the Chablis Commission of the Bourgogne wine Board, has announced that this year’s harvest in Chablis has been one of the best in 20 years:
“Chablis is rejoicing! We were uncertain after the drought this summer, but the vineyard gave us a real gift after two difficult years. The vine can be generous. Overall the vintage is qualitative and we have the quantity.

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The 2017 vintage promises exceptionnal quality

From the very beginning, the 2017 vintage was a surprise due to how early it was. Despite some hard frosts that hit the vines, the wines promise to be of fine quality and to meet our expectations.

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The 2016 vintage: More volume than expected

2016 will go down as a milestone year with a succession of unprecedented climatic incidents, but with a happy ending: wine quality is hand in hand with superior volume estimates!

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The 2015 vintage: An early and high-quality vintage

After a good start to the vegetative cycle in perfect conditions, the tone was set right from the spring: The 2015 was an early vintage. The hail that fell just before the harvest had no significant impact on the quality of the grapes.

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